7 New Images from Man of Steel Plus New Story Details

Man of Steel is easily one of my most anticipated movies of the Summer (and I seriously doubt I’m the only one who feels that way), but considering all the hype behind it, we’ve actually seen very little.  Expect that to change, starting now.  EW’s Summer Preview issue has a big spread on the upcoming Superman film, which includes seven brand new, and tantalizing, images.  On top of that, there are also some new details on the characters, and confirmation that Superman’s only weakness, Kryptonite, won’t even be making an appearance.  Let’s look at the pics first:







I’m loving all of these images.  Cavill looks every bit the Man of Steel from the comics, and the villains look downright villainous.  What’s more interesting is the explanation behind why the other Kryptonians are armored yet Superman isn’t:

“All their armor goes on top of the suits,” Deborah Snyder explains. But because Superman’s a refugee, his iconic outfit in our world doesn’t have the snap-on battle gear, which would make him a defenseless man on his own Kryptonian turf.

There’s also some information about the badguys (Zod and Faora) that sounds like they could provide interesting plot points, rather than just people for Superman to punch out:

Terrance Stamp portrayed the character as an icy warlord in Superman II, but Shannon sees him as more of a die-hard supremacist. “He actually has some affection for anybody who’s a Kryptonian, including Superman,” Shannon says. “He doesn’t really have any malignant feelings toward him; he just wants him to be patriotic.”


Traue’s Faora isn’t choking Lois Lane (Amy Adams), but activating a device to help the mere mortal breathe aboard a Kryptonian spacecraft while General Zod negotiates with Superman. (Faora’s translucent helmet, meanwhile, helps protect her from sensory overload under our power-giving sun.) “I’m not threatening her, ” explains. “I’m a good girl in this shot.” Faora “is a psychopath,” says Traue. “She is an engineered being, and driven by the need and pleasure of killing.”

These aspects of the characters have me intrigued.  While I love the presentation of Zod in Superman II, this new take makes the character far deeper and purpose driven.  It’s almost a reversal in where Superman is considered the Kryptonian outsider.  This is good because I want this film to have more of an emotional impact, giving it a lasting quality and stepping beyond a normal superhero popcorn flick.

Of most interest to fans is the news that Kryptonite won’t be in the film at all.  While some may cry foul at its absence, I for one, won’t be missing it.  Sure, it’s a staple of the character and has made an appearance in all the movies so far, but it’s not necessarily needed in this adventure.  It’s purpose is to make Superman weaker, a mere mortal, so that traditional villains have some sort of chance against him.  Since Supes is taking on fellow Kryptonians with similar powers, he doesn’t have to be weaker.  Makes total sense to me!

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th.  How excited do these new images and details make you?