8 Days Comes to Select Studio Movie Grill Locations This Weekend

The subject of sex trafficking is becoming more and more visible in the media. Much of this newfound exposure is thanks to some unlikely partners in the battle against the deplorable $9.5 billion industry. Hollywood has taken a step to help reveal the problem through movies like Taken, Catwoman, and others. Comic books even started bringing the epidemic to the forefront with stories included in high profile titles like Huntress and Before Watchmen.

Director Jaco Booyens takes measures to make sure everyone in earshot will be exposed to the national tragedy that is child and sex trafficking with his film 8 Days, which is inspired by actual events. The movie is a hard and graphic look at one girl’s horrific experience as she is imprisoned in a world of prostitution, slavery, and drugs.

The film revolves around sixteen year old Amber Stevens. After sneaking to a party with her friends, she goes missing. Forced into the world of sex trafficking, her family and community fight to get her back. So much can happen in 8 Days.

Seeing 8 Days is guaranteed to open the eyes of anyone who is in the dark about or denies the existence of a teen and child sex trafficking problem in our own backyards. It’s a perfect way to make adults and their kids think about the company they keep and the strangers they trust in everyday life. They’ll take it to heart and realize it can happen to anyone anywhere any time.

8 Days is hitting Studio Movie Grills this weekend for a limited run. The movie will be showing at select locations in Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and Florida. It’s playing at two theaters in the Dallas, TX area where it premiered to packed houses at the end of last year. Click here to view theaters and get tickets.

You can read my review of 8 Days right here.

Visit 8 Days official website here

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