A CGI Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at Lupin the Third: The First!

The long running adventures of the master thief Lupin III will continue in a new CGI film Lupin the Third: The First, as revealed in a new trailer.

Lupin III has been around causing havoc in one form or another since 1967, however this is the first time the master thief will be appearing in a 3D CGI film.

The trailer takes the time to introduce the familiar cast of characters associated with the Lupin III series. There’s Lupin himself, along with Jigen, a skilled gunman; Goemon, a swordsman, Fujiko, Lupin’s sometime partner and sometime rival; and Inspector Zenigata, who’s continually on Lupin’s trail.

The CGI animation looks fantastic, and it appears to be a reasonably faithful adaptation of the animated characters into a 3D format. While no official synopsis has been released as yet, judging from the insane stunts glimpsed in the film, Lupin and company are going to be involved in one wild ride of an adventure.

Lupin the Third: The First is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 6, 2019. There’s no word yet on an international release date.