A Deathstroke Solo Film is in Development; The Raid Director is in Early Talks to Helm

Previously at Warner Bros., Ben Affleck was set to star and direct in the solo Batman flick.  Shortly after that was announced, Joe Manganiello was revealed to be playing the master assassin, Deathstroke.  Then, Affleck stepped down from the director’s chair, with Matt Reeves ultimately taking over and bringing his pen for re-writes.  Later, Joe Manganiello told reporters he had no idea where he stood in the Batman project, after all the hullabaloo.  

Today, Manganiello and the rest of the audience are able to get a much-needed update in the form of a Deathstroke solo film!  That’s right.  Joe Manganiello, the man who has yet to prove himself as Slade Wilson is getting his own lead movie in the DCEU.

Additionally, Warner Bros. has revealed that the director of the acclaimed The Raid series, Gareth Evans, is in early talks to helm the project.

While at first glance it seems like a strange course of action, it actually coincides with WB/DC‘s vision of their universe.  Since the DCEU‘s inception, the studio has tried to adapt as many movies for the many characters in the DC Comics universe, both heroes and villains alike.  Having a standalone Deathstroke would just be the next villain film to join the ranks of Suicide Squad, SS2, and Gotham City Sirens.

Fortunately, fans have something positive to look forward to with this project.  If Evans does sign on, there’s a good chance we’ll see Deathstroke get the hard-hitting, mind-blowing fight scenes he deserves.  

As for his role in Batman, there is no word yet.  Although, his appearance would be the set up Deathstroke would need to get fans excited for his featured role.