A Live-Action Remake of Disney’s ‘Hercules’ is in the Works (With Interesting Directorial Options) (UPDATED)

Disney has chosen the next animated classic to be remade in live-action, and this time it’s Hercules. Not only that, but there are some interesting names being rumored to direct the film.

It’s no secret that Disney is bound and determined to remake every animated film in their library. The newest film to be tapped for the treatment is Hercules, originally released in 1997. As exclusively reported by the DisInsider, the remake of Hercules is intended for a theatrical release, unlike 2019’s Lady and the Tramp and the upcoming remakes of Lilo & Stitch and Robin Hood.

While the project has just been announced, there are already a few names attached to the project. The film already has Jeffery Silver (The Lion King, Tron: Legacy) and Karen Gilchrist (The Lion King, The Mandalorian) tapped as producers. On top of that, there are rumors swirling about who may be picked to direct the Hercules remake (keep in mind that these are strictly rumors).

These rumors about the choice of director include:

Jon Favreau, who has already directed two live-action Disney remakes: The Jungle Book in 2016 and The Lion King in 2019.

Joe and Anthony Russo, perhaps best known for directing four films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019)).

And the third rumored option to direct Hercules is Gore Verbinski, who directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films as well as The Lone Ranger (2013).

Any of these choices would likely do wonders with the plot of Hercules. Only time will tell who is ultimately picked to direct this remake.

UPDATE (4/30): It’s now being confirmed that the Russo Brothers WILL be involved in the making of the live-action Hercules, in a producing capacity if not more. This is huge as the Russos have been involved in arguably some of the best films in the MCU. It will be cool to see what the brothers do with their take on Hercules.