A pair of Family Guy It’s a Trap trailers liven up the internet

I’m a huge Star Wars fan as well as a Family Guy fan, so these two coming together has always been something I’ve looked forward to.  The first one, Blue Harvest, was amazing, and the second kept up the pace wonderfully.  Since the last one was released, people have been anxious for the Return of the Jedi parody which would finish up the series.


While we’ve know of it’s existence for quite some time now (with title and release date announcements) the one thing fans weren’t really given was footage from the upcoming release.  Well that’s now changed in the form of two different trailers.  Just barely a month away, it’s about time to see some marketing for this film.



This first trailer is by far the best of the two, and debuted on iTunes.  It’s starts off kind of slow with the opening crawl, but the footage they show is wonderful, and funny.  It gives a great sense of what fans are in store for with this film.  Personally I love it, and the way Peter (Han Solo) shoots at the tentacle holding Mort (Lando) had me rolling on the ground.



This trailer comes from The Hollywood Reporter, but isn’t nearly as good.  Sure it shows some more footage (a lot we’ve seen in the first one), but it’s just kind of boring.  It’s mostly just a re-introduction to the characters and highlights none of the jokes in the movie.


December 21st is the day to pick this up on Blu-Ray or DVD!