A pair of new ‘Predators’ videos stalk onto the web

My excitement level for this film is starting to reach a critical level.  I’m about to burst at the seams, and these new videos are only making me want to see them more.


This first video is a featurette highlighting the character Hanzo.  He’s the sword weilding Yakuza assassin we’ve seen in the trailers, but for the most part we haven’t seen him do much.  This video changes that and shows him going toe-to-toe with a Predator using only his sword. 

This is just a set visit but it still manages to show some new footage from the film (most notably a close up encounter with the Predator dogs).  It’s got some great insight for the film itself directly from Robert Rodriguez as well.

All in all, this film is looking great, and a return to the Predators that made the original films so fun to watch.  We’ll find out a week from Friday (July 9th)!