A Star Wars Book Character is Jumping From Page to Screen (Exclusive)

Earlier this week, we reported on the current status of an impending Star Wars live-action TV show, and made brief mention of a character from a book who could potentially appear in the series (though I’m not sure in what capacity it would be in).  Today, I’m going to expound on that a little more and hopefully make a couple things really clear.  

Last November, Lucasfilm kicked off the new Star Wars canon, and since then we’ve had a total of three new canonical stories to enjoy (or hopefully enjoy).  Next month sees the release of the next story, penned by Paul Kemp, called Lords of the Sith…and there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about this one more than the others.  Why is that?  Moff Delian Mors, a brand new character, who happens to be the first canonical LBGT character in the Star Wars universe.  This revelation is a pretty big deal, and news sites the world over picked it up and ran with it.

Lords of the Sith

While the addition of this character into canon is important, let’s face it, coverage of this sort on a new character from a book isn’t normally so publicized or pushed out there.  The books so far have introduced a number of new characters and ideas, none of whom were given articles on this magnitude well over a month ahead of the book’s release.  Yes, I get that there’s a very good reason to promote the inclusion of a LBGT character in Star Wars, but there are other reasons why Moff Mors has been so much attention ahead of her debut.  

I’ve had two independent sources tell me that the Lucasfilm story group has plans for Delian Mors, plans that includes a big screen appearance, and possible outing in a live-action series.  The primary thing I’ve heard is that Lucasfilm really wants to include Mors in one of the Star Wars spin-offs.  My sources couldn’t say specifically which standalone film, but were under the impression it could be Rogue One.  

Lords of the Sith takes place between Revenge of the Sith and a few years before Star Wars Rebels takes place.  For a while now, we’ve heard reports (from the reliable people over on Slashfilm) that Rogue One will take place around that same timeline, before A New Hope, and center on the rebels stealing plans for the Death Star.  Other reports have had variations on the rumor, but they all focus around that period of time.  Without trying to spoil the book too much (and yes I’ve read it), Delian Mors fits in perfectly within that timeline as still being an active participant in the state of the galaxy.  

The same could be said for any potential appearance in the TV show.  I say potential, because that’s not exactly clear at this point.  I’ve been told the Star Wars story group’s “Bible” is kind of like one of those police/detective investigation boards you see in the movies.  A tack board filled with maps, images, and red strings connecting them all together.  Keeping everything interconnected in a variety of ways is a big deal for the, and both of these sources have told me that Lucasfilm is wanting to use Mors in a couple different projects.  

rsz investigation board

Think of it this way.  Delian Mors is in a Star Wars spin-off who can then be used in a TV show to help further connect the show to the films, and both of those would connect to the books.  Considering the amount of press the character has already been given, it’s not exactly a surprise they’d want to use her more throughout their new canon endeavors.  It shows their commitment to bringing in more diversity (which fans have been adamant about having), while also providing a connective thread through multiple venues.  

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure to what degree Delian Mors will be used on the big screen (or the show if that comes to pass).  It could be a smaller role, or something more significant.  I wasn’t able to get that info at this point, but I know they want to use this new character in more ways than just her role in Lords of the Sith which includes a movie, and possibly the live-action show. 

As Master Yoda said, “Always in the motion, the future is” and things can change down the road.  Right now, however, Lucasfilm has future plans for the new character and it’s very likely you’ll be seeing her brought to life on the big (or small) screen.