After Homophobic Remark, Brett Ratner Steps Down As Oscar Producer; Takes Bro Eddie Murphy With Him

Oh Brett Ratner, you are quite the character.  And by quite the character, I mean a douchebag. Over the last few days, Ratner has been ensnared in a media scandal that may or may not ruin his career.  Let’s hope for the former though! The debacle that is Brett Ratner is long and stretches decades in the past, but in can be summed up with one single quote, referring to his rehearsal process on the set of his movies;”rehearsing is for fags.”


Yup, rehearsing is for fags.  And it gets worse.  He’s openly talked about banging Olivia Munn A COUPLE times y’know, before she was Asian.  He’s done the same to Lindsey Lohan, pre-jail of course.  I knew since X-Men: The Last Stand that Brett Ratner was a hack director; now I can say with complete faith that he is a gigantic douchebag.  Of epic proportions.  I don’t even know where to start with a man who claims that rehearsing is for “fags.”  This is a grown ass man, and he’s saying stuff like this.  In a professional setting, no less!

Obviously, the Academy didn’t take lightly to his comments.  They were planning on dumping him, but then Ratner pulled a Nixon and renounced the Presidency of the United States producer status on the 2012 Oscar Ceremony.  People soon began to question if Eddie Murphy too would ditch the academy; the two seem to be best buds after Tower Heist, acting all buddy buddy off set during interviews and such.  And, surprising no one, Murphy too has left the award ceremony.  Which left the 2012 Oscar without a host or producer.


I say good riddance.  Well I’m a little sad that Murphy is leaving (I thought he could have made a pretty damn good host if he applied himself), I feel nothing over Ratner leaving.  Just the fact that the Academy would hire a man like Ratner is, to be honest, pretty flabbergasting.  One thing’s for sure; they won’t make that mistake again.  In the meantime, Tower Heist producer Brian Grazer has been brought on board to produce the show, and hopes to get Murphy back on board.  Yeah…I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Either way, The 84th Annual Academy Awards will air on February 26, 2012.  Let’s just hope they have a host, huh?