Alan Silvestri composing ‘Captain America’ score

Alan Silvestri is one of those classic composers who hasn’t had a great time of late.  The A-Team, A Christmas Carol, G.I Joe.  Looks like a spotty career, don’t it?  Well, take a look at his career in general: Predator, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future.  Much better, huh?  So will scoring Captain America be the guy’s much needed comeback?

Chris Evans

Film Music Reporter was the first to hear of Alan Silvestri’s involvement in the film.  Silvestri apparently beat out fellow composers John Powell and Michael Giacchino for the gig.  Well I think both of these directors sounded more promising, if Silvestri can pump out a score the calibur of Back to the Future, its safe to say the film is in good hands.

However, one of the most important aspects of a superhero movie is the score.  Every great superhero needs a theme song.  Mess it up and the whole character practically loses his charm.  And for a character like Captain America…you need that charm. Let’s hope five months is enough time for Alan Silvestri to rip out a good score.


Captain America opens July 22, 2011.