AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Movie Releasing in Theaters; Teaser Released

Rick Grimes is coming to a theater near you! New teaser reveals The Walking Dead movie is getting a theatrical release. More within…

When Andrew Lincoln decided it was time for him to leave AMC’s The Walking Dead, it wasn’t long before it was announced that a movie was in the works. At the time, there seemed to be little intention to bring said film to theaters. It was assumed that it would simply air on the AMC network.

The first teaser, revealed during The Walking Dead SDCC 2019 panel, announced that not only will Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) be returning for the film, but that it will indeed be released in theaters.

For those who stepped away from The Walking Dead a number of seasons ago, the significance of the helicopter has to do with Rick Grimes’ exit. In the 8th season, Grimes was last seen gravely wounded and being flown away with Jadis (Polyanna McIntosh) on a helicopter towards an unknown destination.

Conventional wisdom would assume that after The Walking Dead movie makes its theatrical run, it’ll make its way to the network. Though, AMC execs are being tight-lipped with that information.

No release date has been set for The Walking Dead movie. As more news is released, we’ll have it here.