Animated ‘The Addams Family’ is no longer a rumor

At the press junket for Despicable Me, Producer Christopher Meledandri confirmed the rumors that an animated Adams Family movie is in the works.  Even more exciting than that, Tim Burton will be involved.

The man stressed that the film is still in the very early stages, but that the filmmakers planned on using traditional stop-motion animation (like the Corpse Bride) instead of computer animation.  He was quick to point out that the film would be based off of the original Charles Addams comic strip (which ran in The New Yorker) as opposed to the black and white television show. 

I’m not sure if that decision is good or bad (personally never read the comics) but I’m excited to see this franchise get more attention again.  Personally I really enjoyed the original two films, and hope they still manage to keep some of the same humor intact.

There’s no word on what actual role Tim Burton will have on the project (especially with so much on his plate right now), but his sense of flare and style are perfect for the morbid dark humor of The Adams Family


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