Aquaman 2 Gets a 2022 Release Date

If you enjoyed Aquaman (which I did despite if having plenty of issues), then you’ve likely been eagerly awaiting news of a sequel. I mean, considering it’s the most successful DC film so far at the box office, a sequel was absolutely going to happen, the only question was when. Now we know! Warner Bros. has set Aquaman 2 for December 16, 2022

Yeah, that’s a few years from now, which seems odd, but my bet is they’re giving it plenty of space to help ensure that James Wan’s schedule is cleared up so they can bring him back. The other reason might be that they want to push out the horror spin-off based on The Trench before a full Aquaman sequel. Or they may have another film in between they want to use him for. Who knows! 

Regardless, we have a little bit to wait, but for the moment it’s nice to know it’s on the schedule. What do you hope to see out of the sequel?