Arnold, Sly, and Bruce Get Chummy in Expendables 2 Set Pic

The picture doesn’t really provide much information outside of confirming what we already knew in that Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will have expanded roles in the film.  Mostly, it’s just kind of cool to see them back together again on the set.

The Expendables 2 set pic

I loved the scene in the first movie that had all of them in it, so I’m looking forward to their interactions on a bigger scale.  While many were disappointed with the first film, I for one loved it.  I grew up on action flicks with these guys, and I enjoyed that nostalgic feeling I got while watching Expendables.  Hopefully the story can be a little more beefed up this time around, but one thing is for sure: the action is going to be insane.

Despite the mindlessness that will be sure to ensue when the film releases on August 17, 2012, for me it’ll be worth it to see these guys together again on the big screen.  Not to mention seeing JCVD, Chuck Norris, and Nic Cage thrown in there too…I think that’s well worth the price of admission.