Ayelet Zurer Now Cast to Portray Superman’s Birth Mother

Deadline broke this news earlier that Ayelet Zurer (Angels & Demons) will be taking over, but so far there is no word as to why Ormond has been replaced.  It could be something as simple as scheduling conflicts, so let’s not jump to any conclusions here.

Ayelet Zurer

Zurer will be the Kryptonian mother who will play opposite Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Jor-El, and supposedly she’ll begin filming her scenes this week.  At this point we don’t honestly know how much a role she’ll have in the film.  It all depends on how expanded a role the planet Krypton has too.  If Superman’s home world plays a more significant part in the story, we may finally get to see more of a relationship between his parent’s than what we’ve been previously given.

I honestly can’t say how I feel about this one way or the other.  I know I didn’t hate her performance in Angels & Demons, but that’s not saying a whole lot, and I haven’t seen her in anything else.  Considering that the role can really only be so big, I’m not that concerned with it.  What are your thoughts on the sudden swap out?