Bad Boys 3 Gets New Title and Delayed Release

Just as new Director Joe Carnahan was getting ready to begin filming Bad Boys III, a new report from Exhibitor Relations reveals that the movie won’t start as planned…


Not only is the movie getting pushed back to 2018, but it’s also getting the new name Bad Boys For Life, instead of the numeral theme.  While the name change makes it catchier, almost Die Hard-esque, it does make us think that it would’ve been a better name for a fourth movie, if that’s ever in the works.  

The delay is due to Will Smith‘s busy schedule as he’s working on the drama Collateral Beauty and Bright, directed by David Ayer

This news all but rules out Joe Carnahan directing Sony‘s Uncharted theatrical adaptation.  He came out recently and said that he’d write the script but wouldn’t direct the movie, unless it got delayed.  With the delay of Bad Boys For Life, Sony should look elsewhere for their director.

Bad Boys For Life will now hit theaters January 12, 2018.

What do you think of the news?