Batman 3 has an official title and a villain rumor is debunked!

The title for Batman 3 is now The Dark Knight Rises.  Yep, there you have it.  Begin to ooh and ahh over it if you will.  Personally, though, I’m not a fan.  It just doesn’t seem creative enough for Nolan and simply feels…off. I know it’s based off of a comic book, but this title feels too hokey even for that.  Hell, maybe they should have called it The Dark Knight, Again and called it a day.  I have a sneaking suspicion this might come more from the studios than Nolan.  According to Nolan it’s based off an effort to show how closely tied this and the last film will be:  “We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,” he explained.


The Dark Knight Rises


Regardless of your feelings on it, it’s a big announcement, and symbolizes just how close this thing is to getting started.  While the rest of the interview is typical Nolan being cryptic and never fully answering anything, he did make one thing clear.  The rumors about the Riddler being the next villain are totally…false.  He has confirmed that Riddler will not be in the film.


This comes as a total shock to most people (including myself) who assumed that his role was a given and we were merely awaiting official confirmation.  It had even gotten the point people were spreading rumors about the actor who would portray him.  It was simply taken as a given.  Needless to say this throws the entire rumor mill off, and it’s time to start speculating once again.  Who knows, maybe this gives more credence to those Killer Croc rumors we’ve been hearing.


No Riddler in Batman 3


Sorry…it’s just not going to happen.


Before you start assuming that Nolan is purposefully misleading us, remember that’s not really his style.  While he never gives up a lot of information, what he does tell us is always credible.  He’s never lied to his fans in order to draw them away from something.  It’s just not his style.


After dropping those two big bombs he of course clams up and no more information is being given out.  So now it’s time for fans to celebrate the title, revel in the fact that it’s really moving forward, and perhaps lament the absence of Riddler.  Either way, it’s sure to be a fun ride when it finally releases.