‘Batman 3’ rumors from the mouth of Two-Face?

When I say take this news with a healthy dose of salt, I mean twist the lid of the shaker and dump it all out.  With Inception finally out in theaters, every fan knows Nolan is at last turning all of his attention to the highly anticipated Dark Knight follow-up.  Hell, rumors have been flying around since the end of the first film, and have ranged from the ridiculous to the incredible. 

Of course with Christian Bale already signed on to reprise his role, most of the rumors center around the potential villains.  Riddler is in the top running right now, but even that role isn’t confirmed yet.  This latest gossip is having fans chomping at the bit because supposedly it’s coming from Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent/Two-Face). 

two-face.jpg image by outercourse

Reports are coming in saying that during SDCC he told other reporters that Two-Face would be coming back for the third film, and he would be reprising the role.  A few months after Dark Knight hit theaters many fans speculated on whether or not Harvery Dent had actually died in the film.  Nolan himself seemed to put an end to that when he said in several interviews that “[Two-Face] is dead.” 

In my mind that sounds pretty decisive and honestly I hope they don’t bring him back.  His death was the foundation for Batman’s sacrifice (becmoing an outlaw, and widely hated by those he saves) at the end of the film, and bringing the character back merely ruins that selfless act.  I’m hoping for an all new villain or maybe even taking the existing Scarecrow and not make him such a damn chump! 

Again this is pure rumor, and no one seems to know whether or not Eckhart actually said this.  It could all be a bunch of internet hype, but with the plot still heavily under wraps no one can say for sure.  Regardless my inbox keeps getting hit with this “news”.  


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