Because video game films aren’t bad enough, Syfy announces Red Faction movie

My first thought when I saw a headline in my inbox about a Red Faction movie, I was jumping for joy.  I love the game and it’s open world environment really lets you cut loose and let out some agression. 

But then I read the news bit I was sent, and my heart sank just a little.  Syfy is adapting it into a made for TV movie, with the hopes of launching a new television series based on the game.  Film adapatations of big video games have a very checkered past and are generally considered flops.  The stereotype of bad adaptations probably won’t be doing any better with a small screen movie.  But you never know. 

Say what you will about Syfy (and their ridiculous name change), but some of their films have really struck a home run (both of the Dune mini-series as well as the Battlestar Galactica movies).  Whether or not they can bring the same magic back for a video game movie remains to be seen. 

Red Faction’s story is fairly solid.  Taking place in the distant future on Mars, the tale centers around Parker, a minor on the planet who is fed up with the deplorable conditions they are forced to live and work in because of the mining company who controls them.  He takes it upon himself to cause as much destruction to the company as he can, in order to bring about change. 

If they stick to the story and not mangle it too bad, they may just have something that will work for them.  If not…well the stereotype is already there for a reason.  No word on a release date yet (or anything else for that matter) as they just announced the greenlight today.