Ben Affleck May Write, Act, and Direct New Standalone Batman Film

According to, Ben Affleck may become more involved in the DC film universe than just starring as Batman in two upcoming films. A script for a standalone Batman film is supposedly in the works and finds Affleck teaming up with Geoff Johns to complete it. Johns is DC Comic’s chief creative officer, a comic book and TV writer, as well as a TV and film producer. That script could be finished as soon as the end of this summer, hinting that there may be some urgency for this project. Affleck would be the director of the film as well as star in it.

The new standalone Batman film will take place after Justice League and Batman vs. Superman. With Batman vs. Superman scheduled to be released next spring, and Justice League Part 1 in late 2017, this new film could conceivably be released in 2018. While not much is known or confirmed at this point, the script may focus on the character of Batman in the aftermath of Justice League Part 1. That may infer that whatever happens in Justice League Part 1 may require additional exposition in order to set up Part 2, rather than Part 2 being a direct sequel.

The quick turnaround of the script could also mean that this new Batman film is on the fast track. There could be numerous reasons for this. One, as previously discussed, may be that the writers and producers determined that another film between the two Justice League films would be required to complete the story. Another reason could be that DC doesn’t have much confidence in the movies that they are working on now. Perhaps they feel like they need a more familiar character to keep people interested in the franchise. Marvel has had great success turning more obscure comics into films, but DC may not have the same drive. With Marvel and DC competing and more superhero films on the way, it is also worth considering if audiences excitement will remain high enough in general.

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Affleck himself has a busy schedule, which would prevent this new Batman film from moving into production immediately. His next project is directing Live By Night, based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. That film is slated to start production later this year, and has already been delayed due to Affleck’s involvement in Batman vs. Superman. It remains to be seen if he will start working on this new Batman film after completion of Live By Night. Certainly for fans of The Dark Knight, having the Oscar-winning filmmaker act, direct, and write the new Batman film is something to look forward to, especially if he’s working with one of the experienced creative minds at DC. We’ll have to wait to see Batman vs. Superman to see how Affleck is approaching the character, but if he’s interested in a standalone film, it seems like the role is something he has enjoyed.