‘Black Panther 2’ Will Take Us Back to Wakanda in 2022

Fans of Black Panther (and everyone who wishes Wakanda was a real country), I have excellent news! Black Panther 2 has officially received a 2022 release date!

Seeing as it is D23, the news has been full of trailer reveals, surprises, and announcements as to when new movies will be arriving. One film that has been highly anticipated is Black Panther 2, which fans have clamored to see ever since the first Black Panther roared into cinemas last year.

We now know that Black Panther 2 will arrive in theaters in May 6, 2022, just under three years from now. It’s unknown what villains T’Challa will be facing, or what the Marvel Universe will even look like by the time the film arrives, but I know it will be amazing.

Remember the date, Black Panther 2 takes us back to Wakanda on May 6, 2022.