Blu Review: Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins

Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins is made up of five of the first appearances of important characters recently revived in both 2009’s Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. The episodes are introduced by creator Gene Rodenberry’s son, Rod. We witness the introductions of Klingons, Tribbles, Khan, Captain Christopher Pike, James T. Kirk, and Spock.

The Cage is the original pilot for Star Trek that never officially aired. Captain Christopher Pike commands the Enterprise with help from his second officer, Mr. Spock. It was turned down by the studio for being too slow and cerebral. Producers re-tooled it into what we know the series to be now.

Captain Kirk takes the helm of the Enterprise for the first time in Where No Man Has Gone Before. It’s officially the third aired episode of the series. However, it is the first one made after The Cage and responsible for the show being picked up for TV broadcasting.

Space Seed introduces us to genetic superman Khan Noonien Singh and his group of followers. Errand of Mercy gives viewers their first look at the fierce Klingons. The cuddly, yet bothersome furry pets being dissected in Star Trek Into Darkness are seen for the first time in The Trouble with Tribbles.

Each episode is compiled from the remastered Blu-ray versions released a few years back. They include the digitally re-tooled special effects and space sequences. Needless to say, the picture is clean and the 7.1 surround sound makes the viewing experience even more spectacular than ever before.

Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins isn’t going to appeal to hardcore fans. They’ll have all these episodes already in the sets released a few years back on Blu-ray. This is a great introduction to the world of Star Trek which first aired in 1966. Hopefully, new audiences today can appreciate these episodes and will watch beyond the two J.J. Abrams’ films.

Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins is available now on Blu-ray.