DVD Review: Gallowwalkers

Gallowwalkers is best described as a horror western. Something about it reminds me of the big screen version of Jonah Hex. Imagine The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly mashed together with Night of the Living Dead or Vampires. There’s a lot of fun gore involving decapitations and headshots to be found among the desert wastelands and dusty farmhouses.

A nun breaks her oath to God to protect her son, Aman. The enigmatic gunslinger soon realizes he’s cursed when anyone killed by his weapon returns from the dead. Aman hires a young gunman named Fabulos to aide him in his fight when a band of his undead victims come after him.

The pacing for Gallowwalkers is very uneven and its biggest weakness. However, I have to give credit to Director/Writer Andrew Goth for uniting two polarizing genres and making it work to an extent. There’s never a point during the film where you can’t buy into the supernatural characters and events existing while happening in the Old West.

Wesley Snipes does well in the role of the cursed gunslinger Aman. Imagine the Outlaw Josey Wales and Blade with dreads and you’ll have a clear image of the character in your head. Most of his voiceovers seem forced and rehearsed, but his actual physical performance in the movie is good.

Tanit Phoenix plays a “dancer” being transported to prison. She doesn’t really do anything throughout the movie except get pushed around. Her character never has a reason to exist until the bitter end.

Gallowwalkers is rated R for bloody violence, grisly images, some language, and brief nudity. I hardly call a full upper chest shot of a woman “brief” nudity. The gore and violence is what you would expect from a zombie or vampire movie.

Bonus material for Gallowwalkers includes a “Behind the Scenes” featurette which contains interviews with Wesley Snipes, Tanit Phoenix, and other members of the cast and crew. The “making of” material is actually quite entertaining. The DVD also contains a trailer gallery.

Gallowwalkers isn’t a horrible movie by any means. It just suffers from bad pacing throughout and a musical score that cheapens the viewing experience. Imagine a sweeping western accompanied by the soundtrack to Sharktopus. These two factors alone leave the audience feeling worn out mentally by the end of the movie’s 90-minute running time.

Gallowwalkers is available now on DVD and as a Digital Download.