DVD Review: Scavengers

While traveling the farthest corners of space in the starship Revelator, a group of scavengers discover an alien artifact with mysterious powers. A gang of rival mercenaries pursue the Revelator and its crew in an attempt to steal the object and use it as a weapon. After witnessing the deadly force of the artifact, the scavengers realize the importance of keeping it out of the wrong hands.

Scavengers isn’t devoid of any action. There are a few moments of excitement spread throughout the movie. Not enough to save it from long stretches of boring dialogue and bad delivery from one actor in particular who should know better. Sean Patrick Flanery chews up the scenery here by playing a space pirate of sorts who strangely has a rural Louisiana Cajun accent. It’s highly awkward, distracting, and, at times, just plain silly.

I will give Director Travis Zariwny credit for taking the action outside of a starship or station and out into actual space. Many independent sci-fi films take place in one location. Most of them include a crew chasing and being chased through hallways and corridors by aliens, creatures, or robots. Zariwny gives us exterior shots of ships flying while fighting and blowing each other up. The CGI isn’t spectacular by any means, but it’s adequate for Scavengers.

Although it’s not rated, Scavengers would earn an R in my opinion. It features sci-fi violence, gore, language, adult situations, and nudity. The scene of nudity was completely unnecessary and will no doubt keep certain viewers from watching it, which could make or break a small independent science fiction film like this.

Scavengers is trying to be a complex and heady sci-fi film, but its subject matter really doesn’t support such attempts. It’s much too talky for the majority of viewers who are going to pick this up. Audiences are expecting more than five or ten minutes of serious action when they see the cover of a DVD with spaceships shooting at each other and a guy staring out at the battle while holding a laser rifle.

Scavengers is available to buy now on DVD.