DVD Review: The Adventures of Superboy: The Complete Third Season

Clark Kent and Lana Lang become interns at the Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters. It seems like the perfect place for the Boy of Steel to take a job. He can keep his eyes on any paranormal activities or aliens from the inside. Superboy soon comes up against Lex Luthor, Bizarro, a radioactive monster, and many other formidable foes.

The third season of The Adventures of Superboy takes the junior superhero to another city and a new job as he comes out of college and moves into the real world. Actor Gerard Christopher treats the character with all the respect it’s due. You can also see where his portrayal of the character could lead right into Christopher Reeve’s depiction of an older Clark Kent and Superman.

The same could be said about Lex Luthor as played by Sherman Howard. I wouldn’t say he channels Gene Hackman for the role. However, he is obsessed with his wig and surrounds himself with idiots much like the character in the Richard Donner and Richard Lester films.

The special effects are what you would expect from a TV series created on video in the 1990s. They look rather cartoonish and I’m almost positive I saw a wire at one point when Bizarro flew across the screen.

For those who may not know, Warner Archive takes lesser-known TV and movie titles and provides them to consumers as print on demand. The discs are DVD-Rs, but work in most Blu-ray and DVD players as well as computers and other devices. The video quality is far from perfect, but is the best versions of this series we’ll probably ever get. If you can put all expectations aside for a CGI-fest like the movie Man of Steel and just take it for what it is, The Adventures of Superboy: The Complete Third Season is a satisfying way to spend some time with one of your favorite DC heroes.

The Adventures of Superboy: The Complete Third Season is available now on DVD.