New Clip Released for Son of Batman; Plus Cover Art Revealed for Assault on Arkham

I’ve always been a sucker for DC’s animated outings, and it’s last several releases have been top notch with well crafted stories that made me wish some of their teams were working on live-action films instead.  Oh well…Son of Batman, the latest film (an adaptation of Grant Morris’ story featuring Bruce Wayne’s biological son) is set to release on Tuesday May 6th (though it’s already available for digital download).  If you’ve been waiting for this release, then enjoy this new clip to keep the excitement going:

That’s not all we have today however.  We’ve already seen details and a quick trailer for WB’s next DC animation, Batman: Assault on Arkham, and now we know what the cover art for the upcoming blu-ray will look like.  The film is supposed to be a prequel of sorts that ties in with the excellent Batman Arkham games from Rocksteady. 

Batman-Assault on Arkham

What do you guys think of the box art and the clip?  Are you looking forward to picking these up when they release?