Bond 24 Title and Cast Officially Revealed!

We can now stop calling Bond 24, Bond 24, and start using it’s official name: Spectre.  The title was revealed early this morning during the press conference along with this swanky first poster: 

Spectre Poster

If it looks familiar, there’s a reason. If you’re a big James Bond fan, the name Spectre (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is likely very familiar to you in that it’s the criminial terrorist organization that has trouble 007 and MI6 throughout several films, and is lead by the notorious Bond villain, Blofeld.  Rights issues have kept Spectre from making an appearance in any of the recent flicks, but with those problems settled a year ago, it looks like they’ll be making a BIG return.  The poster image looks very similar to the Octopus Spectre logo used in the past…

So what about Blofeld?  He’s the leader of Spectre and one of the most iconic Bond villains around.  A couple weeks ago, rumors started swirling that Christoph Waltz was on board to be the villain in the film and that he’d be bringing a modern version of Blofeld to the big screen.  Well, this morning’s announcement confirmed that Waltz is in the film: 

Who the hell is Oberhauser though?!  Seriously, you’re going to bring Spectre back but not Blofeld?  I’m not entirely buying it.  Frankly, I think they’re pulling a “Kahn” on us like what happened in Star Trek Into Darkness.  Many people aren’t buying it either and frankly, the rumors have been very spot on so far in terms of casting for this film.  The other newbies include: Andrew Scott confirmed as Denbigh, David Bautista will be Mr. Hinx, Monica Bellucci plays Lucia Sciarra, and Lea Seydoux is Madeleine Swann.   Most of these had been rumored before today’s announcement, meaning inside sources have been correct…so why wouldn’t they be in regards to Blofeld?  

Again, I’m thinking it’s a big ruse, but who’s to say.  The Daniel Craig James Bond flicks haven’t exactly hesitated in changing things up, so perhaps this Oberhauser is the new Spectre leader. Tough to say.  All I know, is that I can’t wait.  Skyfall is easily one of my favorite Bond films and blew me away in all aspects.  With Sam Mendes back to direct this film from the same screenwriter, I feel like we’re in for more magic.  

Filming starts up on Monday (December 8th), for it’s November 6, 2015 release.  The new cast will be joined by returning members Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Rory Kinneear, and Ben Whishaw.  What do you guys think about the title and new cast?  Are you excited to see Spectre return?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!