Bruce Campbell starring in ‘Burn Notice’ movie prequel

Personally, I think Bruce Campbell is one of the greatest actors to ever work in the business…he has just made some poor choices in who/what to work with.  Despite his list of ‘B’ movies Campbell has a very dedicated following, so his fans will surely be happy about this.

USA executive Jeff Wachtel dropped the news that a prequel (in TV movie form) to the successful TV show Burn Notice was in the works.  The film will focus on Campbell’s character Sam Axe, an beer-drinking former Navy Seal. 

Bruce Campbell himself is taking on a producer’s role for the film and confirms the story will be about Sam Axe’s final military mission, and how he ended up retired in Miami.  While it won’t feature any of the shows other main characters, they hinted there might still be some room in there for other show regulars. 

I’m interested to see it because I love Bruce Campbell and you don’t have to have much prior knowledge of the show to enjoy it (sorry, I’m never around when it’s on).  Outside of the general announcement, there wasn’t much other information given.  So there’s no release date yet, but for more information be sure to check out the video interviews (embedded above) with Matt Nix and Bruce Campbell in which they discuss the movie further.