Cameras Have Started Rolling on Star Wars Episode VII

Seriously, since Disney announced they were going to be making new Star Wars films, I’ve been anxious for the movie to get started.  Forget all the official announcements (of which there’ve been too few) and rumors, the start of production is the moment I’ve been looking forward to most.  It means the film is really happening and that things are going according to plan.  

Alan Horn confirmed the news (which had been rumored over the weekend as well) during an interview on Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television’s Hollywood Masters series, saying that production has started and many of the main actors are cast…though they aren’t finished with casting yet.  That’s about all he said.  

Sure, it may not sound exciting, but it’s still confirmation that filming is happening.  More than likely, it’s a second unit crew out on location filming plate shots for later use, which is common practice these days, so don’t expect to see any cast out on location just yet.  More than likely that’ll happen in May when they announced filming will begin.  

No matter how you look at it, Star Wars: Episode VII is in the production phase, and thus one step closer to hitting the big screen.  With more intensive filming set to start up next month, expect to start hearing some casting news very soon (probably on May the 4th, since it’s Star Wars day and all).