Can you tell what the message is in the new ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ viral clip?


The sequel to the extremely popular Paranormal Activity has unmasked a viral clip, which leaves audiences in the dark.

The clip is very brief and offers little information, yet across the Internet there have been rumors that there is a message etched in that small window of time. When I first saw the trailer, I missed the hidden messages and I have watched this clip at least twenty times and still in the dark. I feel the entire movie is going to follow the theme of hidden messages to test how much we are paying attention. What better way to add to your scare factor? As you’re focusing to find a hidden, cryptic message…some monster or face jumps out at you. It’s a classic scare tactic, but boy does it work!

The first film racked in over $100 million in box offices. How will the second film do? All I have to say is it’s coming out right in time for Halloween. Who will come out on top – Saw 3D or Paranormal Activity 2? It’ll be a race to the finish line.