Captain America Civil War Promo Art Reveals Who Stands On Which Side

More and more Captain America: Civil War is looking to be the biggest movie of 2016. The new promo art we just found, courtesy of, only enforces this theory even more.

Check them out as we breakdown what this art seems to be telling us.


This Art is obvious, as some point during the film, Iron Man and Cap are going to get into an epic clash that will likely lead to parts of wherever they are damaged beyond repair.  Now we know that they would like to it to be raining.


Next, let’s talk about Captain America’s team.  There are a couple of surprises here, that are interesting to note.  We all knew Falcon was going to be on Cap’s side.  Even Hawkeye makes sense.  However, it’s the addition of Winter Soldier that makes things a lot more intriguing.  For those who watched Ant-Man, you know there was a scene that had Cap and Falcon talking to a pinned Winter Soldier/Bucky.  We already know that Scott Lang is set to appear so this scene must have something to do with Bucky joining Cap.  Plus, take a look at Hawkeye’s shoulder, looks like Ant-man joins the frey as well as one of Cap’s teammates. That’s not the only surprise, though.  It looks like Agent 13, Cap’s nurse in Winter Soldier, is looking like she’s going to have a more prominent role. What’s more, according to imdb, her name is Sharon Carter, aka a descendent of Peggy! 


Next, we have Iron Man’s team.  There aren’t that many surprises but the art is quite telling.  War Machine, totally get that.  Even Vision, while surprising in the fact that he would even be involved makes sense because of Jarvis.  Black Widow is another one I get.  While her and Cap have always had this relationship, she’s also had a relationship with Tony and it makes sense that she’d like to oppose the government.  Now, Black Panther, this is a very fascinating member.  We already knew he’d be playing an important role in the upcoming film.  It’s intriguing that we’d already know which side he’ll be fighting for since I would assume that that would’ve been air-tight under wraps. It does make sense, though.  Black Panther holds no stake in the government of the US.  He only cares about helping the people of Wakanda, for now.


The last piece of art shows what is likely to be an extremely epic battle that will change the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

As to who else will join, we’ll just have to wait when the movie actually comes out on May 6, 2016.

What do you think?