Captain Marvel Directors Ready to Soar

Captain Marvel has been sparse on announcements, since the reveal of Brie Larson as the titular character last July at SDCC 2016, but recently word has started to surface of concept art and even a date of August 2018 for filming!  Now, Vanity Fair is reporting that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Sugar, Half Nelson) will be on director duties for the upcoming Marvel movie. The two have worked on projects before and have previously won Sundance Film Festival awards for their work. A script is being penned by Meg LaFauve and Nicole Perlman with Kevin Fiege producing. 


Captain Marvel previously Ms. Marvel is Airforce trained Carol Danvers. Possessing superhuman strength, flight, and energy manipulation abilities due to her Kree physiology. She is one of several characters to hold the moniker and in the comics is a very formidable. I’ve loved Carol’s depiction in recent years and I would like to add she’s been a “Captain” in the Air Force whereas Captain America never achieved that rank.

0a8839c6d5152d2ed70d5244c2fff7ab.jpgCaptain Marvel will release July 6th 2016. Hopefully though we see her in Infinity War first. Actually I’m gonna call it maybe she’ll appear in a end credits scene way before that? Maybe Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

-Jason The X