Casting for Young Han Solo Has Started With an Insane Amount of Auditions

Just a few months ago, we got the official information that Lord and Miller (The LEGO Movie, 22 Jump Street) were directing a Star Wars standalone film that would focus on the younger years of Han Solo.  An origin story for the character had been rumored since the first inklings of spin-offs were revealed.  Now, it seems to be taking a leap forward towards it’s 2018 release date.  The casting process has started for the young Han Solo. 

Since the Han Solo flick was announced, fans immediately began throwing names out for actors they’d love to see take on the role.  It’s not an easy task, considering how popular the character is, mostly because of the way Harrison Ford portrayed him.  That’s not an easy role to fill.  According to several reports and sources, however, the casting directors have begun the onerous task with more than 2,500 actors reportedly auditioning!

That’s a MASSIVE casting net, showing that the team is looking at casting from all angles.  The only guiding principle seems to be young(ish) and look at least a little like Ford.  According to THR, some BIG names have reportedly turned in auditions in person or on tape.  These include: Dave Franco, Logan Lerman, Leo Howard, Miles Teller, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jack Reynor, Tom Felton, and MANY more.  

There’s a good mix of well-known and lesser known actors, which means they’re really trying to find the perfect match.  This part of the process is meant to narrow down the list to a smaller group of actors for the directors themselves to sort from.  Since filming isn’t set to begin until January 2017, they’ve got some time.  Still, I can see why they’re starting so early, for such a coveted and important role.  

What do you guys think about the young Han Solo?  Who would be your pick?