Check Out the Evolution of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ VFX Over the Last Few Months

VFX intensive films like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes are always interesting to market.  While everyone wants to see more and more form the film, it’s tough because the visual effects probably aren’t ready.  Most of the time, studios are working on the effects up until the month of the film’s release.  What we see happen then, is the evolution of a movie’s VFX throughout the various marketing stages.  

In July (during SDCC) FOX released the first official image from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes featuring an older looking Caesar leading a pack of apes.  While I thought it was neat, a lot of people were complaining about the roughness of the CGI.  Saying it had that smoothing factor which instantly marks it out as being computer generated.  Part of me agreed with this, though I still thought it looked pretty swanky.  Today’s teaser trailer, however, featured the exact same shot and when compared together it’s pretty obvious to see the differences (the image on top is the most recent one): 

Caesar Comparison


(Click for larger size)

On top of looking for more realistic (and some general lighting changes) Caesar doesn’t look as old in the new version as he did before.  Perhaps it’s the lighting that makes it look that way, or they decided he was looking too old for what they wanted.  Either way, it’s interesting to me to be able to see this character and VFX evolution just within a few months.  

The CG smoothness seems to no longer be an issue and honestly, if I didn’t already know, I’d be hard pressed to tell you that Caesar wasn’t real.  It’s impressive what they’ve been able to do, and with several months still left before the film releases on July 11, 2014 I’m excited to see how things can get even better.  

What do you guys think of this evolution?  Were you one of the people who didn’t like the image before?  How do you feel now?  Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!