Check Out This Amazing Darth Maul Trailer for the Clone Wars

I’ve made no secret about being a Star Wars fanboy on this site, but what you may not know is that I’m particularly fascinated by the character of Darth Maul.  A very good chunk of my collection is dedicated to the character, and I even made the guy went sent to Comic Con pick up some Darth Maul centric exclusives while he was there.  Needless to say, when it was announced Maul would make a return in The Clone Wars, I was a tad excited. 

USA Today has now added to that excitement as they managed to get their hands on an exclusive Clone Wars trailer that focuses on the Sith Lord’s return…because it’s awesome looking:

You know what this trailer really reminds me of?  The excitement of Star Wars, like when we were all waiting for the first trailers of the prequels to come out so we could drool over.  It’s a great feeling and one that harkens back to why I love this franchise to begin with.  Let’s just hope the story arc is as exciting as the trailer suggests. 

The USA Today article has a bit more information about the character (nothing huge though), and the story arc that sees his return starts this Friday.  I’ve heard Maul won’t actually make an appearance until the episode on March 9th, but I’m not positive on that either. So who else is as excited as I am?