Chris Evans in Captain America costume fully revealed!

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of Captain America.  On the list of comic book movies coming out in the next couple years (it’s a lot of them) Captain America ranks pretty low on my list.  I just never got into those comics and the story wasn’t nearly as engaging to me.  However, there are plenty of die hard fans out there and this is sure to get them excited.


Personally, I really like this new look.  It gives Captain America a much more realistic feel to him, and doesn’t make him look too comic-book-hero.  It’s a good thing, and one I was worried about.  I know some fans will take issue with the new design, but I for one am impressed.  It’s not easy to take a costume like his and make it look good on a real person, in a realistic setting. Just check out this picture from the old TV show and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Old Captain America Costume


See?  Not so good.  While I’m still not hyped for this film, the costume is grabbing my attention and making me want to dig a little more into this film.  On top of the main cover picture, the new EW mag will have a big feature on the new Film with even more images.  If you want to know more be sure to pick this up when it hits news stands Oct. 29th.