Chris Hemsworth In Talks for Men In Black Spinoff

After Will Smith‘s trilogy of movies, alongside Tommy Lee Jones (for the most part), Sony took a break from producing any more Men in Black films.  Then, last year, talk surfaced about the idea to merge Men in Black with 21 Jump Street.  Thankfully, that confusing idea was tabled, but that didn’t stop Sony from moving forward with plans for a spin-off.

With Director F. Gary Gray in the fold, Sony is eyeing a superstar to lead the Men in Black franchise in a new direction, namely Chris Hemsworth.  If accepted, Hemsworth will be joining a franchise sans the faces of the original trilogy, as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have decided not to reprise their roles.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be cameos from the first few films, but it likely means that Agent J and K will be considered as legends.

Sony has fast-tracked the Men in Black spin-off, hiring Matt Holloway and Art Malcum to put together the script.  Production will likely be just around the corner, as well, since Sony set their eyes on a May 17, 2019 release date, kicking off the summer movie season.

Despite the first film’s success, the Men in Black franchise needs a good amount of reinvigorating, especially after the 3rd film.  Sony is hoping that teaming Fate of the Furious Director Gray with Hemsworth that they can create enough juice to bring back one of their more promising franchises.

Before he becomes the next agent, Hemsworth will have two more movies in theaters this year with Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War and Bad Times at the El Royale.  Hemsworth’s de-classified 9/11 story about the Horse Solders, 12 Strong, released earlier this year.

Men in Black is set to release May 17, 2019.