Christopher McQuarrie Returning To Direct Two Mission Impossible Films

After the overwhelming success of Rogue Nation and Fallout, fans of the series were clamoring for director Christopher McQuarrie to work on another installment in the long-running film series. Not only has that wish been granted, it’s been revealed that McQuarrie has signed on to direct two Mission Impossible sequels and what’s more, they’re to be filmed back to back. MI:7 is expected sometime in 2021 while MI:8 will release in 2022. This is a first for the Mission Impossible series, as up until now there has been a gap of 3-6 years between sequels. That two films are being made back to back would also suggest that MI:8 will be an immediate sequel to MI:7 (much like Fallout was to Rogue Nation (and Ghost Protocol before that)).

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It will be exciting to see what new mischief Tom Cruise can possibly get into in his role as Ethan Hunt.