Christopher Nolan Set to Direct Historical Thriller ‘Dunkirk’

First reported by Variety, Christopher Nolan and WB have confirmed that they will once again be teaming up to create Dunkirk, a new film set in France during World War II.  The cast hasn’t yet been finalized but there are reports that Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh are in talks for the film.

Not only is Nolan directing the film, but Dunkirk is actually an original screenplay written by himself.

President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Greg Silverman had this to say about Nolan and Dunkirk, “We are thrilled to be continuing our collaboration with Christopher Nolan, a singular filmmaker who has created some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films of all time, ‘Dunkirk’ is a gripping and powerful story and we are excited to see Chris, Emma and their cast realize it on the big screen.”

For those unfamiliar with this story, Dunkirk was a port in France during WWII that was used to evacuate over 300,000 Allied troops during the German bombings.  Nolan is set to use many of the locations effected by this event, as well, in an effort to capture the history of what happened. 

Dunkirk looks to be a far cry from what we’ve seen from Nolan so far.  People would most remember him from The Dark Knight Series, Inception, and Intersteller.  As far as we know, Dunkirk won’t have those sci-fi elements that we’re used to seeing.  However, Nolan is showing that he can be more than that by creating this historical film.

Dunkirk is slated to release July 21, 2017 on IMAX 65mm and 65mm Large Format.

What do you think of Dunkirk?