Christopher Nolan will direct ‘Batman 3’


Prying further into what Nolan has been shaping up for the film – he is working closely with his brother on a script for the Batman film. Not to mention he is collaborating with David S. Goyer on the story as a whole.


How much more could they bring to the screen after The Dark Knight? I am definitely enthralled to see the possibilities of how the film will advance. Could it excel over and beyond The Dark Knight? After the performance Heath Ledger pulled off, it was so compelling. Tough to top. Every actor will have to be selected with the utmost of care. Selecting just anyone off the street could be a disaster. A man of Nolan’s standing would not put his name to any bad rubbish that likes to float around in Hollywood. Quality all the way down to the very last detail.


Every time Nolan’s name is mentioned, my attention is piqued. It is a sigh of relief to see that at this moment in time, he has confirmed he will be at the forefront running the show. Let’s hope nothing changes in the meanwhile. It would be a sad day for us Nolan fans, and could alter our opinions of what will happen with the third Batman.


Stay tuned as more develops on Batman 3.