Christopher Nolan’s directors shortlist for the new ‘Superman’ revealed


Deadline has the scoop on who Christopher Nolan and his fellow producer, Emma Thomas, apparently have in mind to helm the new Superman film.  According to them, these are the lucky five:

Zack Snyder– Director of 300 and the upcoming Sucker Punch
Duncan Jones- Director of Moon and the upcoming Source Code
Jonathon Liebesman– Has both Battle: Los Angeles and Clash of the Titans 2 in development
Matt Reeves– Director of Cloverfield and the upcoming Let Me In
Tony Scott- Director of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and the upcoming Unstoppable

A Man Can Dream

A Man CAN Dream.

Keep in mind, these directors have only had talks with the two about being involved.  The script, written by David Goyer (who also helped scribe both The Dark Knight and Batman Begins) stems from an idea Nolan had on rebooting the classic character.  It seems Warner likes the idea, and is trying to get this film made as fast as it possibly can.  Then again, having Christopher Nolan backing your film seems to help a lot with those box office numbers now a days.  When did that happen?

This is an interesting list of directors, and I can certainly see one of these guys tackling the film.  I still wish we could have seen J.J Abrams version of the Superman character though.  But with his busy schedule, it doesn’t seem like him directing the new film is a possibility.  But still, a guy can dream, can’t he?