About Today’s Big Star Wars VII Leak


We do not condone the actions of this person or persons nor will we ever.  What they did was completely asinine, not to mention illegal.



Not only did they jeopardize our relationship with contacts in the Star Wars franchise but many others.  All this did was cause inside contacts for multiple entertainment sites to clam up to the point of possibly not giving out any more information concerning the Star Wars films.

This kind of deplorable behavior causes mistrust.  Another side effect could be that J.J. himself may stop leaking information as well and that would be a very, very bad thing.  You don’t want to piss off the director of a high budget film.

To this end we will not post any of latest concept arts because they were obtained in the worst possible fashion.

To the person responsible for this…this is a fun sandbox for all of us to play in. We don’t need someone causing trouble that makes the others want to pick up their (cool) toys and leave.  

— Mike