Cinelinx – The Card Game for Movie Lovers is Available Now!

At the beginning of this year, with trembling hands and high hopes, we launched a KickStarter campaign to fund a card game specifically designed for movie lovers to enjoy with their friends.  Movie lovers the world over responded and within a mere three days, we exceeded our funding goal.  By the end of the campaign we were ecstatic to see that fans had helped us triple our initial goal.  

The work was far from over, and as the months went by, our KickStarter backers remained patient and excited for what was to come.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been shipping machines, pushing out rewards packages to backers as fast as we can, and they’ve been enjoying the game, making everyone else jealous.  Now’s YOUR time, however, to get in on the fun that movie lovers are talking about all over. 

Cinelinx Map

(A Map of People Who’ve Backed the Cinelinx Game)

We are extremely happy to announce that starting today, the Cinelinx Game is now on sale for everyone to purchase.  It’s been an incredible journey for us, filled with challenges we never anticipated, but tons of fun as well.  The response from movie buffs has been amazing, and now we have the chance to share this game with more people. 

So how can you snag your very own copy of the Cinelinx Game?  That’s quite simple really as the game is now available online for purchase through Amazon!   

It really is that simple to order and start playing with your movie-loving friends to see who knows the most about movies.  If you’re one of our backers and already received your copy, why not drop down an honest review of the game, or even consider getting this as a holiday gift for another movie buff in your life?  

Cinelinx Card Game

Thanks again for all your support and we hope you all enjoy.  We’ll be posting a contest here shortly for everyone playing to show off their game boards/linx connections for a chance to win some cool prizes.  So stay tuned as it’s only getting better!

Cinelinx: A Card Game for People Who Love Movies