Cinema of Attractions Week 2 – New Rewards and Expansion Revealed!

We’ve seen a lot of support for our new Movie-Pitching card game, Cinema of Attractions, but we’re still working towards reaching our full funding goal.  As we start off the second week of the campaign we’re happy to reveal a few more goodies that gamers and backers can expect from the game.  

When we first launched the campaign, we revealed the core game, as well as the first expansion that would take movie lovers and filmmaker hopefuls into the “Red Band” area.  Now, we’re happy to reveal the FILM SCHOOL expansion along with a little example to show you how they’ll work in conjunction with the full game!  For young, budding, filmmakers this new expansion is a great way to test out your behind the scenes knowledge, while giving other gamers a little extra “oomph” to their pitches.  

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The Film School expansion has been added as another $35 Reward Tier for backers to pick up, so if you’re looking to get even more gameplay out from your initial purchase, this is a great way to do it.  If you’ve already backed the Kickstarter, we have explained in the updates how you can switch to the new reward package if you’d like to…We want to make sure no one misses out!

On top of that, we’ve added an ALL NEW reward bonus, that fans of our previous card game will certainly enjoy: 

EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE (Includes Cinema of Attractions + Exclusive 52 card Cinelinx Expansion) + Mini ‘Backer Only’ Expansion + Stretch Goals + Free US Shipping! Your name will also be added to our Backer Wall on the official game website and you’ll receive exclusive updates about our progress, as well as a thank you from us on Twitter.

That’s right, if you already have our original game (if not you can purchase it HERE, or snag it as part of one of the higher backer rewards), you can get an exclusive expansion to that core game which we will ONLY produce for Kickstarter backers.  Seriously, we’re not making this for anyone else, meaning you’ll be among the only Cinelinx gamers to enjoy it with your friends.  


If you want to get in on these new rewards, please head on over to the Kickstarter Page to show your support and claim them.  We appreciate all the support we’ve been given so far, and have plenty of other great goodies to share with you…but we’ve got to get to our goal first!  As always, any help is appreciated (even if it’s $5-10), and sharing with your friends on social media goes a long way!