Confirmed: Marvel Studios Will Not Have a Panel at This Year’s Comic Con

The slow, untimely demise of the power of Comic Con has been predicted for months.  After the failure of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at the box office last year, I knew the event would begin to lose its power.  The nail on the coffin was the domestic disappointment of Tron: Legacy, which had one of the most extensive and elaborate ad campaigns to ever grace Comic Con.  Hell, Disney even proclaimed Comic Con 2010, “Comic TRON”!  But despite the HUGE ad campaigns at Comic Con from Tron: Legacy and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, both movies failed to make much of a dent at the box office.  And studios are noticing.

Comic Con

We’ve reported this past week about the lack of interest studios are taking in Comic Con.  WB, Dreamworks, and Disney are all skipping out on the show this year.  Now, we can add another studio to that list; Marvel. Last year they had some of the biggest panels to hit Hall H but now, they won’t even be there.  Is this a sign of Hollywood slowly losing fate in the power of the geek?

The fact that Marvel, the biggest comic company out there, isn’t having a panel at Hall H is a little surprising.  Sure, they will still have a booth at the show (I mean, they are MARVEL) but chances are it won’t include anything from Marvel Studios.  So yes, nothing from The Avengers will be shown at Comic Con.  While there’s always the chance of Marvel doing something off-site (as the LA Times predicts), Marvel won’t be stepping into Hall H.  Of course, Marvel properties will still be represented by Sony (which will be showing off The Amazing Spider-Man and Ghost Rider 2 at their panel), but still…no Avengers? What a buzzkill.

Don't Expect This

Don’t expect to see anything like this at this year’s Comic Con.

Most are assuming that Marvel opted out of Comic Con to hold back any major announcments for D23, the annual press conference held by Disney.  This is also the reason high profile movies from Disney, such as John Carter and The Lone Ranger, will be absent from the Con.  Still, there’s always hope.  Remember, no one expected The Dark Knight to be at the convention in 2007.  But it was.  At this point, what’s going down in San Diego this July still remains a mystery.  Whatever the case, TMP will be there to deliver you all the film related goodness you could ever ask for!

Except for stuff from WB, Marvel, Disney, and Dreamworks.