Could Captain America Director Joe Johnston Direct Star Wars: Episode VII? Well Internet, I Don’t See Why Not!

Anyways, at least this is one is actually substantial, and not just another director saying “No…but MAYBE!”  Joe Johnson, reknown Spielberg protege and inventor of the Boba Fett suit, has long been rumored by fans as Disney’s choice for Episode VII director.  And to think, it only took two weeks for someone to actually pop the question to him.  In an interview with The Huffington Post, Johnston had the following to say about the still vacant job:

“A lot would depend on what ‘it’ is…I am very glad to see Lucasfilm cranking up to get productive again, regardless of who ends up doing it.”

So…I take it back, that was like nothing.  Damn it internet, you tricked me again!  Whatever the case, Johnston’s a logical choice for the role—but I’m not sure he’s the right one.  I would really prefer someone new to the franchise to come and direct the new trilogy, rather than just bringing in old blood.  And even though Johnston proved himself capable with Captain America…the gigantic piece of shit that is Jurassic Park 3 still has me worried.

Whatever the case, producer Frank Marshall (who’s married to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy) believes that the search is “down to a couple of directorial candidates.”  So like, two hundred people.  

We’re never going to see Episode VII, are we?