Count of Monte Cristo Gets a Remake with David S. Goyer At the Helm

“During my career I’ve enjoyed re-invigorating and contextualizing classic characters that are relatable to contemporary audiences.  Michael has written an excellent script and I’m going to enjoy bringing our take of the rich and textured world of Monte Cristo to the big screen,” said David S. Goyer when talking about the upcoming project.

Set in France during the 19th century, the character Edmond Dantes is wrongly accused of high treason and is imprisoned in a barbaric prison on an isolated island, robbed of liberty, youth and love. As fate would have it, a fellow inmate takes Dantes under his proverbial wing, teaching Dantes the skills and cunning he will need to claim victory over those who betrayed him into a life of imprisonment. Through a stroke of genius Dantes escapes, born again as the filthy rich Count of Monte Cristo.  Like a man possessed Dantes immediately embarks on his revenge scheme, planning to destroy the men who tried to destroy him. Determined to have his vengeance, Dantes doesn’t give thought to the collateral damage he will bring to those innocent of any crimes against him.

Goyer is familiar to movie goers as a contributor to The Dark Knight triad of films as well as being attached to the Man of Steel screenplay. The script by Michael Robert Johnson promises the stylistic cinematography that we love and that works so well in 300 and TV shows like Starz’ series Spartacus.

An epic and timeless saga of betrayal and perseverance, terrible treachery and ambitious revenge, deceit and cunning, triumph and truth, The Count of Monte Cristo is sure to thrill audiences as much as it thrills Goyer to recreate it.