Critics Praise Wonder Woman After Advance Showing

The vast majority of critics and attendees who’ve seen one of the preliminary screenings are saying that this is the best work DC and Warner Bros. have done since they began their cinematic universe. Here are a few examples.

Kate Elbrand from Indiewire tweeted, “WONDER WOMAN: Easily my favorite DCEU film. Has the humor and heart the franchise so desperately needs. Gadot and Pine are charming as hell.”

Silas Lesnick for Coming Soon says, “Very pleased to report that #WonderWoman is the best DC movie since THE DARK KNIGHT. I’m already looking forward to seeing it again.”

“Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend wrote, “#WonderWoman is the best DCEU film so far. The heart of Gal Gadot’s Diana powers it, and the shift from mythic into WWI story really works.”

Mike Ryan of Uproxx says, “Loved WONDER WOMAN. She reminds me of Christopher Reeve’s Superman: true north superhero w/ no angst or cynicism, which is needed right now.”

Germain Lussier for io9 tweets, “Wonder Woman is the DC movie I’ve been waiting for. It’s exciting, inspiring, funny, and has some truly awe-inspiring action scenes.”

Alisha Grauso from Movie Pilot states, “Gal Godot is absolutely phenomenal as #WonderWoman. She KILLS it, just surprisingly good. A truly heroic light DCEU desperately needs.”

01 wonder woman 2

This is all great news for the WB, DC and its fans. After their previous DCEU films—Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad—were all critically trounced, this is a good sign that DC/WB may finally have the mega-hit they’ve failed to achieve up until this point.

Hopefully, Wonder Woman is as good as these critics are saying it is, and doesn’t disappoint fans the way the previous efforts have. DC needs a good lead-in for their Justice League movie and this may start to build some momentum for the DCEU. 

Fingers crossed that the tweets will be prophetic and Wonder Woman will entertain us the way we’ve been hoping for.