‘Cruella 2’ is in Early Development at Disney

It seems we’re going to be seeing more of Emma Stone’s Cruella after all, as new reports reveal that a sequel to Cruella is in early development.

In an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s been announced that Cruella 2 is officially in early development at Disney. Director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara are expected to return to work on the sequel.

This news won’t come as a major surprise, since viewers and critics have praised Cruella for its new take on the iconic Disney villain. Cruella debuted May 28 simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+ under the streaming service’s Premier Access tier, making it available to purchase for $30. The film has earned $48.5 million globally, apparently performing well enough to give Disney the confidence to begin developing a sequel despite the film being out for only a few weeks.

Based on how Cruella ends, I was hoping a sequel would be coming, but I didn’t expect the confirmation of a sequel in development would come so soon. Now that I’ve seen how good Emma Stone’s Cruella is, I can’t wait to see what a sequel brings to the table.