Curses! Paramount Pushes Production of Ninja Turtles Back; New Release Date Announced

Paramount seems to be struggling a little bit lately.  First G.I. Joe Retaliation gets a very surprising delay, a mere month from it’s initial release, then World War Z got pushed back in order to do ‘extensive’ reshoots, and now the Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles reboot is getting pushed back.

Ninja Turtles

Deadline is reporting that the start of production on Ninja Turtles has been pushed back by ten weeks in order to bring the budget down by about 10-20 million dollars, keeping the whole film within $125 million total.  Because of that delay, the film will no longer be able to meet it’s December 2013 release date.  Now Paramount has changed the date to May 16, 2014

Well…this fucking sucks.  Despite all of the scandal with the ‘alien turtles’ and my concerns in general with Michael Bay producing, I’ve really been looking forward to this film.  Ninja Turtles were very influential in my childhood and honestly helped shaped the person I am today (it’s what got me into Martial Arts, and subsequently running my own dojos).  So I’ve long wanted a great revival to the franchise. 

I guess the good news is, we’re still getting it, but with Paramount seeming to be having trouble with all of their films, I’m growing concerned.
What do you guys think of this delay?